Howard Sherer

I have enjoyed photography for many years as a hobby, and now after retirement plan to spend more time developing my body of work.

I live in Allentown, PA and enjoy a number of different styles of photographic work as you wil see from this site.

I have enjoyed many aspects of photography for a very long time.

I started as a young child using my fathers Zeiss 120 film camera that he carried around during WW II documenting his time in training and in action across Europe.

I photograph and create images of what I enjoy. I experiment a little and try to develop additional skills, and sometime I have a positive result. I try to be creative and not just document what I see, but also what is in my mind.

I hope that you will enjoy looking through some of these galleries, and I appreciate your comments. I enjoy creating these images as a hobby and they are not being offered for sale.

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